Search Home Listings On Your TV With Homesnap’s New App

June 30, 2016

For anyone who has ever complained that there is nothing good on TV (despite the hundreds of channels), a new Apple TV app from Homesnap may help change that. No, it isn’t a streaming app to get the latest shows and movies, but it could be just as exciting for anyone looking to purchase a new home.

As The Washington Post reports, the Homesnap app lets users sync their phone and TV, set the search filters, and then use the Apple TV Siri remote to move from one listing to the next.

By searching listings on a TV, it allows people to see much larger high-resolution images of the homes compared to what you can see on a phone (even as many smartphones approach sizes comparable to clipboards and textbooks).

Smartphones can be used at the same time to enhance the experience and, if they are using the same WiFi network, features such as swiping upward and transfer a listing from your phone to the TV can be used.

All in all, it’s like starring in your very own episode of House Hunters, although there’s no word yet if Siri will do her best House Hunters narrator impression in the background as you search (she won’t).

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