7 Tips on How to Adapt During Tough Times

April 1, 2020
Builders shaking hands
By Syda Productions

If builders want to give their businesses the best chance during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance says that they must embrace digital business management tools and virtual ways of communicating with clients. Although some builders will always prefer the old way of doing business, the construction and real estate industries were already shifting towards a more digital landscape; the pandemic is just accelerating the inevitable. But during this trying time, EEBA advises that builders do not go at it alone. Instead, building each other up and tapping the knowledge of organizations can help professionals in the long run.

In the transition to a 21st Century business model, builders have moved at wildly different speeds. Some have embraced digital business processes, while others have adopted them slowly, if at all.

Of course, we're in a different world today than we were just a month ago. The COVID-19 crisis has put a fire under the backside of all industry players. Builders nationwide suddenly have no choice but to get good at using virtual platforms for coordinating employees, trade partners and customers, while at the same time protecting workers that have to be on the job.

Industry publications have done a great job covering this topic in general terms. For instance, Professional Builder magazine just published the results of a coronavirus business impact survey that garnered more than 1500 responses. It's available here:

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