Live and work without execuses

October 26, 2011

Not a day goes by that I don’t experience multiple builders telling me why improvement in their business won’t happen. The economy, the lack of traffic, the longer cycle times, the bigger builder cost advantage, the lack of commitment from employees, the lack of subcontractors performance, etc…… I certainly know that we all have suffered greatly through this housing depression. I am not suggesting we ignore the obvious obstacles, just not let them be the bane of our existence.

We must take responsibility for our minds and our actions. As long as we hang onto excuses and blaming we will never be truly free to improve our circumstances and to become a healthy organization.

It’s not the circumstances that have you down as much as your thoughts about those circumstances. It is absolutely possible to be in the middle of the biggest battle of your life and still be filled with hope, encouragement and joy. Its only when your attitude swings from the bleak to the hopeful that anything positive can occur.

Sure we are facing the largest decline in sales in the history of home building….that’s terrible, now let’s deal with the new normal and do all we can with the resources we have…


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