Houses Are More Expensive And Take Longer To Build With Lack Of Immigrant Laborers

August 7, 2017

Since the recession, immigrant laborers went home and have yet to come back. Builders cannot wait patiently, though.

Fox News reports that a shortage of skilled workers is increasing construction costs and making homes more difficult to build, especially in Texas.

The recession pushed many Mexican immigrant workers south of the border, where economic opportunities were better. A significant share of those workers have just stayed home since then, while others are migrating toward states that don’t have a strong anti-immigrant sentiment.

Texas home builders have reported 30 percent increases in direct construction costs due to the shortage because they have to pay their few remaining workers higher wages.

Ted Wilson with Residential Strategies, Inc. said companies have had to get by with fewer workers, so in addition to paying more for a house, you'll likely have to wait longer for it to get built. "Instead of 12 guys coming out to frame your house, you get four guys," he said. Wilson claims that sort of shortage can add a month or two to the time it takes to build a home.

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