New Interior Color Trends For 2017

October 28, 2016

A striking emerald Jade Green might overwhelm an entire room, but it could make a perfect accent wall.

Paint manufacturer Behr released its 2017 Color Currents catalog and named the best new interior paint trends for next year.

Behr’s in-house color expert, Erica Woelfel, spoke with Redfin and said that gray is the hot new neutral color. Gray is versatile, with options ranging from the light “Close Knit” to the dark “Shades On.” Blue colors are also neutral, and they create a calming, serene effect. Purple, light yellow, and pink are good accent colors.

Pinks have taken over Behr’s list of 2017 colors. “Life’s a Peach” (a soft pink) and “Everything’s Rosy” (a rose tone) are both part of the Comfortable Palette. These colors are perfect for anyone hoping to jump on the mid-century modern trend. We love it as an accent wall to create a unique focal point in any space.

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