Three Home Trends to Embrace in 2017

Use of the up-to-date design trends make your models more attractive to buyers—and the search words that describe them can help boost sales

February 6, 2017

Enticing buyers is a challenge, but builders have a unique opportunity to attract house hunters who expect up-to-date aesthetics. By incorporating trending designs into your next project, you can drastically improve market popularity and yield higher returns.

A study from Zillow analyzed listing keywords, such as “subway tile” and “barn doors,” and found certain features significantly reduce the length of time a home sits on the market. Homes with popular listing terms can sell for as much as 13 percent higher than expected and sell 60 days faster than similar properties without trending features — suggesting that it’s worth the investment to give buyers the interior qualities they desire. Home design trends shift over time; to maximize your appeal to home buyers in 2017, consider the following looks that experts predict will go mainstream this year.


Granite, while durable and stain-resistant, is no longer the stone of choice at home. Instead, buyers are looking for marble surfaces. Homeowners are using marble on kitchens, baths, floors, fireplace fronts and home accessories. To implement this trend, opt for white and gray versions, such as high-end Carrara, to deliver the “wow” factor new home seekers crave (Image: Courtesy Highgate Builders).

Built-In Bars

Rolling bar carts were popular in 2016, but buyer preferences are shifting to built-ins. Fixed bars appeal to the high-end home shopper seeking a more practical and aesthetically pleasing way to entertain. Plus, the extra cabinetry is functional for those who need a place to stow additional kitchenware (Image: Courtesy Construction Resources).

Jewel Tones

Until recently, cool, gray tones were the paint color of choice for builders and remodelers. However, gray’s mass popularity is declining. Design experts expect homeowners to swap out grays for brighter, gem-inspired palettes this year. Painting kitchens ruby red might deter shoppers, so add modest flair with a sapphire blue kitchen island or emerald green stools. To stay on the safe side, opt for a creamy yellow or wheat hue, complemented by vibrant staged furnishings. Keep in mind, homes with yellow kitchens sell for $1,360 more than asking price (Image: Courtesy Holly Phillips).

Knowing your market is key: These trends are a general guide and incorporating style touches in moderation will help boost mass marketability.   

Jennifer Riner is a real estate, finance, lifestyle and home improvement writer for Trulia and other partners.


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