Kitchen and Bath

Whether it's used for cooking, dining or entertaining guests, the kitchen is the hub of the home. The way the room is arranged can be a major time-saver and allow the family to make the most of the common space. Kitchen appliances, plumbing, tile, sinks, counter space, and dining space all influence how the kitchen is used and how much the homeowners enjoy it. Choosing the right appliances for energy efficiency constitutes a greater concern than ever, allowing families to go green and to save money on utility bills. The bath, while ultimately a utilitarian space, can be a personal oasis. Choices such as whether to include a bathtub versus a shower can optimize the space for the family's needs.

Olivia, Plan 3 from Robert Hidey Architects

December 08, 2016

Large or compact, modern or transitional, this room is still the center of everything

November 07, 2016

Air quality matters in every room of the house, but unique factors are in play where cooking takes place


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